RTree FAQs

What is RTree?

Rtree is your ultimate digital sharing platform, turning your family special moments and stories into a communication hub while preserving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

How we do it:

We start by helping you organize your photos and videos.  Users can create collaborative photo albums to help everyone in the family join forces to organize their digital photos and videos.  It can be a shared space where family members contribute, creating a unified collection of memories accessible to all that provides different perspectives on the subject matter.

Our App helps you create an interactive Family Tree allowing you to capture and share your special moments and stories enhancing communication and documenting the captivating tapestry of your family’s journey.

We do this all within your own private and secure platform.

With RTree, you'll enjoy:

– Centralized Memories: Say goodbye to scattered memories across devices and clouds. RTree acts as a secure vault for your priceless photos and videos, ensuring they’re cataloged in one accessible place. Experience peace of mind knowing your family’s memories are protected and ready for you.

– Effortless Family Bonding: Our interactive family tree simplifies the process of connecting generations with a brief questionnaire.

– Relive Precious Memories: RTree goes beyond a family tree, providing a gateway to capture and share photos, videos, events, and memories with your loved ones.

– Connect and Share: It’s not just an app; it’s a way to stay connected within your private family network. Explore stories, experiences, and moments to bridge generational gaps.

– Expand Your Tree: Invite family members to join and include extended family.

1. How do I get started?

  • Download the App or accept the invite from a family member that has joined
  • Create an account: Input your name, birthdate, and gender
  • Complete the initial questionnaire that is provided. If someone has invited you some of the fields may already be completed, just click next until you come to a field you need to provide information
  • Once the questionnaire is completed your immediate family tree is drawn and your profile page is set up.

2. What is an interactive Family Tree?

The RTree interactive tree is the heart of our platform. It allows users to create and visualize their family tree.  Click on family members, go to their profile to learn their stories and experiences, or post a special memory or tribute just for them.

The Tree has been developed to include immediate and extended family members.  To get the Tree to work and line up, we limited the people you can add to: Parents, Spouse/Partner, or Children.  By keeping it simple, the generations will always line up.

3. How do I invite family members to join?

Immediate Family Members: Spouse/Partner, Children, Brothers/Sisters, Parents, Paternal Grandparents and Maternal Grandparents – Completing the questionnaire will create these members in the Tree.

Click on the person in the Tree and go down to invite.  Click on invite and you will go to your device menu that will provide you with options on how you want to send the invite.  You can use text, email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or any other medium that you have a connection with your family member.

Once a family member accepts your invite you will receive the notification in the upper right corner of the App. The notification will light up showing you they have joined. 

Note:   The notification will also light up alerting you of family members’ special dates, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Extended Family Members: Uncles, Aunts, Cousins

The key to inviting extended family is you need to build up to build out. By adding the parents to your parents, you have created your grandparents.  By adding children to your grandparents, you have added your uncles and aunts.  By adding children to your uncles and aunts you have created cousins.

Once you create them in your Tree, you can invite them by clicking on them in the Tree and scrolling down to invite.  From there it is the same process as your immediate family.

Remember the family tree is a collective tree so you can invite family members anytime that are not in the Tree, even if they have built their own family Tree separate from you.  Once a family member accepts the invite the Trees are all combined.

4. Can my Spouse/Partner build their family Tree in the App?

Yes, we designed RTree for spouses/partners to build their Tree separate from your Tree.  Although your spouse/partner and any children will show up in both Trees, your spouse/partner’s family members will only show in their view. 

Your Spouse/Partner’s Tree will default to their family, and they can shift to your family Tree by going to you in the Tree and clicking on View Tree.

Moment posts will only be able to be seen in the appropriate family trees.  i.e. your spouse/partner tree will only see their moment posts and your family will only see your family moment posts.

5. How do I update my profile?

You can update your profile information anytime on the RTree App. You can edit your picture, intro, experiences, personal and contact information.

You can do this by simply as follows:

  • Login to RTree App
  • Click on the Profile tab on the bottom
  • Select the icon around the relevant section you want to edit or update
  • Click on the “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page when done

6. Can I fill out a family member’s information on their profile?

Yes & No.


For active members you cannot edit their profile.  You can however go onto their profile and add a Tribute.  This icon below “About Me” is reserved for family members that want to share a special moment or a private message with the owner of the Profile.


For family members that are deceased or have not signed up for RTree you can edit their information.  It is a place to remember a deceased family member by capturing their stories and experiences.

It is important to note that adding photos or videos will be accounted for in your data storage account.

7. What are Moments?

“Moment” are pictures. Videos and voice recordings of essential memories and events that can be shared with family members on the Tree.

RTree is about fostering connections and creating lasting memories with loved ones.  With this feature you have the ability to effortlessly capture, share and preserve those special moments, experiences and stories that make your family unique. 

The moments are catalogued by date.  Also, you can go onto a family members profile and click on moments and see all of the posts they have made.

Moment posts will only be able to be seen in the appropriate family trees.  i.e. your spouse/partner tree will only see their family moment posts and your family will only see your family moment posts.

8. How can I share Moments?

RTree supports both photo and video uploads.

You can share moments by simply following the steps below:

  • Log-in to Rtree
  • Select the Moments button at the bottom of the App. This will take you to the sharing page.
  • Click on the    icon and then click on moment
  • Select add photo or add video:
  • Select take photo or video or upload a photo or video from your device gallery
  • Click on the pic or video, you can crop it (upper right-hand corner) or just post it by clicking the horizontal arrow on the lower right-hand corner.
  • You can add text above the photo/video and press publish at the bottom of the page.

9. What are collaborative photo albums and how do they work?

Collaborative photo albums in RTree are shared spaces where family members collaboratively organize and contribute to a unified collection of digital photos and videos.

For example, you can select an event, “Family reunion 2023”.  You click on the Album icon and follow the set-up instructions.  Once the Album is set up, family members are notified.  They can click on the Album and add their photos and videos.  The uploads are organized by date and contributor to assist with easy retrieval. 

It also works to capture themes like “Christmas 2023”, even if family members are physically apart, they can share and view highlights of each family’s day in one central album.

It helps everyone in the family work together to collect memories, offering various viewpoints and creating a shared collection for today and future generations. 

10. How many generations can RTree handle?

RTree is designed to be as flexible as your family’s unique structure.

In essence, it can handle as many generations as our users can identify and wish to include in their family tree. The process is simple: users can manually add each generation, allowing them to create a detailed and comprehensive family tree that covers their entire family history.

To add generations manually, simply build up.  Add parents of parents. For example, to include your great-great grandparents, your great grandparents must be in the tree.  Simply adding the parents of your great grandparents will create your great-great grandparents.

Our goal is to provide a platform that accommodates the diverse structures and sizes of families, ensuring everyone can capture, preserve, and celebrate their unique family legacies. So, whether your family spans several generations or just a few, RTree is here to help you connect, share, and cherish your family’s rich history.

11. Is there a limit to the uploads RTree can handle?

RTree offers various membership levels from individual to family plans each with a respective amount of shared storage.  Plans range from 25GB to over 2 Terabytes.

This means you can upload a substantial number of photos and videos to capture your family’s special moments. The App also keeps track of your data usage, and if you are getting close to your storage limit, rest assured, we will notify you. To check your data storage use, go to Settings in your Profile.

We understand that families accumulate many cherished memories, so we make it easy for you to purchase additional storage space if needed. Our goal is to ensure that you have the room to store and share all the moments that matter most to your family, without worrying about running out of space.

Your family’s precious memories are safe and sound, just a few clicks away.

12. Do I need to include information about my family?

Yes, to fully utilize the interactive tree and share your family’s photos and videos, you will need to complete the questionnaire to build your family tree. Name, gender, and their relationship to you is all that is needed.

This step is essential as it helps you connect your family’s generations seamlessly. By answering the questionnaire, you create the foundation for your family tree, which allows you to visualize and capture your family’s unique stories, moments, and connections.

Once your immediate family tree is established, you can extend it by inviting other family members to join. They can complete more detailed information about themselves at this time.

This process ensures that everyone in your family can participate in preserving and sharing your family’s legacy, making it a collaborative and enriching experience.

13. My Spouse/Partner and I created a Tree. Can we merge them?

When you and your spouse/partner create individual trees, they are effectively combined within RTree.

However, each of you maintains a separate view of your respective families, ensuring that you can interact with your own set of family members independently. This arrangement allows both of you to maintain your unique family connections while still sharing the broader family network.

14. Can I restrict a user from seeing me in the Tree?

No, you cannot restrict a user from seeing you in the Tree.

15. How can I adjust the screen size to closely view my Family Tree?

There is a zoom feature on the bottom left side of the App that allows you to zoom in and out of your Tree to your preferred preference.

When you click on the “My Tree” tab at the bottom of the App you should see the (+) and (-) buttons on the left-hand side.  Simply press the (+) to zoom and (-) to zoom out.

16. How secure is my family information?

Rest assured; your family information is kept highly secure on RTree.

We prioritize your privacy through top-notch security measures, including:

  • Strong encryption to protect your data
  • Robust access controls
  • Secure authentication methods
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance, security audits, and improvements to stay ahead of potential threats.

Importantly, we never sell our customers’ data to any third parties, ensuring that your family’s information remains strictly within the RTree network.

Your trust and data security are of utmost importance to us.

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