Wecome to the World of RTree

Say goodbye to complicated family tree construction and hello to an interactive experience that brings your loved ones closer than ever before. Let us guide you through the seamless process of building and connecting your family tree effortlessly.

We start by simply asking you a few questions.

With your answers, a world of connections unfolds as your immediate family tree takes shape before your eyes. But that is just the beginning! With a single click, invitations are sent, and like magic, the branches of your family tree extend, automatically linking you to your relatives.

Capture Memories,
Create Magic

RTree is more than just a family tree—it’s a gateway to reliving memories like never before.

Our innovative “Capture Memory” function transforms your favorite photos and videos into stunning montages, where you can add the perfect song or a heartfelt message.

Coming this Fall of 2023,
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Your Adventure awaits!

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